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Our Story

Valley Steel (formerly known as Valley Sales & Equipment)  is a family-owned Canadian steel fabrication company that specializes in welding and machining of custom parts, assemblies, and equipment for various industries around the world.

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Our story began in 1964... 


when Ron Arbuthnot started serving local farming industries. Since then, Valley Steel adjusted to the changing market and started catering to many different sectors. Ron’s son, Steve, later became our President and led the team for the last 10+ years, then serving as the Vice President to pass the torch onto his son, Ryan Arbuthnot, who is now the president of Valley Steel.

After 3 generations, our team is keeping the legacy going by taking on projects that range from repairing farm equipment to high-profile hydro generation to infrastructure projects. We've established ourselves as leaders in supplying parts for a wide range of industrial sectors and we have the ability to tackle small or large scale fabrication and machining projects. Our skilled fabricators, machinists, and CWB certified welders have years of hands-on experience, ready to serve clients with the highest quality of work.

In 2021, we changed our name from Valley Sales & Equipment to Valley Steel as a more genuine representation of what we do. Though we’ve rebranded the company’s name, our fundamental values and mission to serve our clients remain the same as they were 3 generations ago, when our grandparents proudly founded this company.

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Our Mission

For 3 generations, our mission has always been to work closely with our customers, understand their project needs, and create a product with the highest quality while in the timeliest fashion. We continue to uphold this mission with every client we work with and are always happy to deliver our promises.


Our vision is to be the benchmark company for the various industries we continue to serve, by providing our clients with cutting-edge technology, experienced and trustworthy employees and ongoing support.

Careers at Valley Steel

If you’re interested in joining our team, visit our careers page.

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