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Steel machining equipment


Valley Steel offers a full array of in-house machining services to complement our welding shop and produce precision parts.

We take on “one-off” projects or high-volume large production runs. With our range of manual and CNC machining capabilities, we optimize the most cost-efficient method for your project. 


Our experienced and friendly staff will work with you to ensure that we create products to the requested specifications and tolerances. On this page are some of the machining services we provide:

CNC Turning and CNC Milling


Milling is the process of using a mill in which the workpiece is held stationary while the cutting tool moves around and performs different machining operations.


Turning is the process of using a lathe to rotate the workpiece on its axis while the cutting tool remains stationary to create precise revolved profiles and shapes.


These processes are well suited for high tolerance, high repeatability, and quick machine times. Our machinists use state-of-the-art programming and machines to create high-quality parts.

precision manufacturing
metal drill bits closeup

Traditional Machining


For over 50 years, we’ve been creating high-quality machined parts using traditional machining equipment. This includes manual lathes, mills, drills, and saws. 


For the short one-off jobs or projects that are difficult to program for CNC, our experienced machinists can easily use our various traditional machining methods to manually create parts in a quick and efficient manner.


Line Boring


Line boring is the process of cutting multiple pre existing or worn holes and making their centerlines collinear. Line boring is used in many applications including heavy equipment parts, presses, gear boxes, among others.


Project Assembly


We can test fit and assemble your machined parts. If you need them anodized/galvanized, heat-treated, or chromed, we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers that can provide a turnkey solution for you.

metal flooring design

Speak with our experts.

Have questions about any of our services or not seeing a particular service you need? Contact us today to speak with a machinist about your project!

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