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Metal parts

Material Processing

Valley steel has a wide range of metal processing equipment to tackle almost any project. Here you'll find some of our specific services and capabilities.



Valley Steel has three horizontal band saws that are capable of cutting material up to 24” wide.  Our bandsaws are capable of processing single part orders or high volume part orders.  We carry an extensive steel inventory including flat bar, round bar, angle, and square tubing for quick turn-around time.


Additionally, we are fully equipped with a vertical band saw, plasma torches, oxy-acetylene torches, arc-airs, and gas metal saws to help us in our day-to-day fabrication.

CNC Plasma/Torch Plate Burning


Our Hypertherm plasma and Oxy/Acetylene torch CNC burning center allows us to accurately and efficiently nest and cut any CAD shape or profile from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.


We are capable of cutting stainless steel and aluminum up to 1in thick and carbon steel up to 6in thick. Our table is able to accept any sheet size up to 8ft x 24ft. We carry a large stock of plate for quick turnaround times.


Common requests for our burning center include aggregate screening plates, bucket liners, flanges/gussets/stiffeners, base plates, customer brackets, and much more.

automatic welding close up

Waterjet Cutting


Valley Steel has added a state-of-the-art 5ft x 10ft Waterjet cutting table to their array of equipment. This machine uses a fine stream jet of water at high velocity and pressure combined with a mixture of abrasive to pierce and cut through the part.


The Waterjet can cut virtually any material of any thickness including steel, aluminum, glass, wood, tile, rubber, plastic, stone, and more.

Using our CAD and CNC software, we can draw and create any part or profile to be cut. Our Waterjet is capable of cutting with incredible accuracy (+/- 0.0030”) and repeatability (+/- 0.0010”).

Another major advantage of cutting with the waterjet is that there is no heat affected zone as this is a cold cutting process, so no hardening occurs around the cut edge.

Forming by Press Brakes


Press brakes are used to form sheet metal or plate into predetermined bent angles by placing the workpiece between a punch and a die and applying a high force so it will take shape.


Valley Steel’s shop has two brake presses for different applications. Our larger brake is capable of bending parts at 12ft long and bending up to ¾” thick plate. Our smaller one is used for lighter custom bending jobs that require more precision.


Common requests include square to round and custom transitions, truck frame rails, stair pans, bins, brackets, and much more.

Forming by Rolling


Rolling is the process of passing flat material between a set of rolls to form cylindrical or conical shapes. 


Valley Steel has highly experienced operators who follow a custom template to roll plates into clients' exact requests. 


We have 3 different rolling machines, used per your project size or needs. Our largest rolls are 10ft long and capable of forming up to a 1-inch thick plate. 


Common requests for rolling include tubes, cones, bucket liners, screening plates, guards, and custom brackets.

2018 Rolled Tubes.jpg

Shearing, Notching, Punching


Valley Steel has an ironworker that is capable of shearing flat bars, notching plates, and punching holes.


We have a reliable plate shear that can efficiently shear plate up to 3/8” thickness at 10 feet long.


Common requests are mounting plates, brackets and tabs, material strips, custom plate sizes, and more.

metal flooring design

Looking for something specific?

If you’re curious about a material processing service that we didn’t list above, feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you bring your project idea to life.

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