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Drawings + Layout

All projects require some level of drawing. Whether you bring in a rough sketch on a napkin or a final engineered drawing, Valley Steel has the experience to work with you and bring your project to life.

The initial design process is critical for every project, as it lays out the foundation and plan for fabrication. All details and specifications can be detailed and decided on before proceeding with fabrication, which is why we use the best and most current computer software to help us create part models to eliminate potential issues.

We have an experienced in-house design team that can take your conceptual idea and turn it into a proven model or detailed shop drawing, regardless of how big or small the project is. From there, our staff can then fabricate the product based on the detailed drawing.

We have an 8ft x 12ft digitizer board that is used for customers who can provide a 1:1 pattern of what they require. Once digitally traced, our software will transfer this information to our CNC burning table which will cut the profile from sheet or plate.

Screenshot of cad designs.png

Speak with our experts.

Show us your ideas or drawings and let’s discuss how we can turn them into working solutions.

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